You Don’t Scare Me!


This poem is based on a real interaction I had this Wednesday while I was on a walk in my own neighborhood. I turned the corner from where I live and there was a man standing next to his van yelling out at me. I took my headphones off and he pointed to the house next to him and said “he’s ready for you” which is quite ominous sounding. I turned and began walking away, the man jumped in his van and literally rode up right next to me yelling at me and asking me if he “needs to pull over” after I told him 4 times “I don’t know who you are and I don’t know what’s going on” the man eventually gave me a dirty angry look and sped off. This poem is about how you can’t let crazy people scare you away from doing something that’s important to you. I go on a walk every single day and it’s good exercise for me. I refuse to be scared away from walking in my own neighborhood.

Every day I walk down this road
Every day I carry this heavy load
Every day I go on for hours
Every day I work and never stop and smell the flowers
“I’m ready for you!” says the man in the car
“I turn to run in fear knowing he’s far!”
“I know one of you did it!” says the man in his car
“I know it was you and you ain’t getting far!”
He drives up to me so close I can see the crazed look in his eyes.
I think to myself “Am I going to die?”
“Boy you want me to pull over!” He says as I stand
Gasping in fear with my phone in my hand.
“I don’t know who you are!” I say in low quiet voice
I don’t know what to say and I haven’t a choice.
“Please leave me alone. I’m scared half to death. I’m tired, I’m weary and all out of breath!”
The man looks at me with rage in his eyes
He puts his car into drive and leaves with his lies.
For a whole day I sit and I think “What can I do?”
I pray and I hope and plead with my God until he comes to me and says
“Nathan he never hurt you,
Now you say it out loud!”
You can’t live in fear and your pastor is proud!
What you need to do is be smart and be wise
Nobody attacked you because of your size
Don’t fear walking in your own neighborhood and don’t let the devil make you forget God is good!
“I’m not scared of you!” I proclaim the next day
I go on my walk, and oh by the way
Nobody came looking, and nobody found me.
I’ve got God’s great protection
and it always astounds me!

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