WatchNathan is now on Twitter and Facebook!


I’ve been very back and forth over the years about supporting different websites. I chose to focus on WatchNathan because I actually have control over what I make here. I’ve had some very frustrating interactions on social media throughout the past several years. I decided that in order to keep in touch with people I WOULD make a public Facebook page and Twitter profile for WatchNathan, however I’m going to post only articles from the website and posts from the website, and will basically be running it like a corporate-style account. Not gonna read the sites and definitely not going to respond to anybody there. I will not be using Discord and I also won’t be pushing these accounts very heavily. In other words they’re there for viewer convenience but I don’t have any actual interest in using them basically. Based on my rules for technology these are basically things that will benefit me more so than anything else.

So be sure to follow the site on Facebook and Twitter!

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