Truth Hurts


“Hey Nathan” they said “why don’t you keep those thoughts inside your own head?”

Well, they keep me awake when I’m trying to sleep and make me spend hours in bed counting black sheep

“Well… Nathan, truth hurts if you don’t mind me saying. So why don’t you shut up and stop playing! Truth hurts don’t you see and there’s no one in the world whose more honest than me!”

If truth hurts so much then why are you mad? Am I the only one not allowed to talk when I’m sad?

“You need to stop now! I’m just keeping the peace! Stop now and wait for this drama to cease”

It never goes away, it’s been done my whole life its brought many nights of great pain and many nights of great strife! I want it to stop and the only way I know how is by standing up now!

“You think you’re so strong and you think you’re so right but I’ll show you and you’ll lose this fight! It doesn’t take a sleuth to tell that you hate the truth and you’re going to hell!”

When you were mad at me you didn’t wait, you picked up your sword and tried to seal my fate!

“I was right when I lunged at you with my sword! I was far too angry to just be ignored!

Maybe your anger is not justified? Maybe you frustration is all damaged pride? What if everything I said is still true, what I’m just no longer mad at you?

What if the truths never hurt anyone except you?

Published by NathanSample

Geek, Gamer, Christian, Funny man, all around good boy.