Tips for editing in Kdenlive – Archiving projects


Today while I was editing a project I came across a very useful feature that I wasn’t even aware existed in Kdenlive! You can actually just archive your projects using Kdenlive itself! It’s actually a huge relief to me because I have been painstakingly keeping track of all of my project files and moving them to a specific place once I’m done with all of my edits! Now I can keep them all together without having to manually do it.

It’s very simple, but I’ll break it down into steps anyways.

Step #1 – Go over to the “project” tab at the top of Kdenlive and go towards the bottom above “open backup file” and click “archive project”

The image shows this option having a keyboard shortcut, however I added that myself.

Step #2 – choose a folder to archive your project in. I’d recommend you make an “archives folder” then within the archives folder make a new folder for each individual project you back-up just to make it easier on yourself whenever you do end up needing to recall a project, or footage from a project.

Step #3 – select the specific options you’d like to use to archive the project and then click “archive” and you should be done.

NOTE: I tried using the “compressed archive” feature to create a .zip file, but it actually ended up creating a broken .zip file. It might work better with tar.gz files, but I wouldn’t really trust it after my experience. The archiving itself works fine without the need for it to be zipped anyways.

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