The King Of Brown Juice


I wrote a cool poem about dookie because I was bored.

I am the king of brown juice
Watch me pull a rabbit from my magic caboose

I am the king of the dookie sling
To Swing DOOKIES is my favorite thing!

I am the lord of the poops
I love to drop my sauce in your grey soup

I am the lord of the tan drips
I shall drop the sauce on the floor and you’ll slip

I am the emperor of dung!
All who shall not slosh feces shalt be hung!

I am the emperor of dark slop
Slishing it around on my smelly old mop

Dookie is the alpha – the start of the end of the meals you partake in

Dookie is the middle – I use dookie as soap to whittle

Dookie is all there is and all that was.

Dookie was the end and the start and contains the scent of the ancients farts.

The wizard of Dookie who sits on the bridge casts his dookie spells down off of the ridge. He blasts out the dookie like lightning below! Will the DOOKIES hit you? Lord only knows!

Published by NathanSample

Geek, Gamer, Christian, Funny man, all around good boy.