The Game Juice Podcast #4 – Let me be Frank!


Original date of publication: 6/27/20

Original description (some links may no longer be accurate):

Episode #4 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode I interview Frank Fortune AKA the master of weenies! We talk about Frank’s first console, his improv experiences and we cover recent news regarding a new Crash Bandicoot game, Apex Legends, the fate of Mixer, AND MUCH MORE!

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Sources for news:

New Crash Bandicoot game announced:
Apex Legends coming to the Switch:

Mixer is dead:

Pokemon Snap sequel for Switch:

Dr Disrespect BANNED from Twitch:

*I won’t be linking anything about the new consoles, Season 3 of Fortnite, or the Last of Us 2 since these are more opinionated discussions than they are talking about the actual news involved in these topics.

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