The First Shall Be Last – poem by Nathan Sample


This poem is about how many times in my life I’ve felt like people have purposely done me wrong and tripped me up, how many times I’ve been cut short because other people were being selfish, and how I believe that God WILL fix it!

I’m standing in the group on a big grassy field
I’m waiting to hear to which team’s jersey I wield

I wait and I wait as I sit on the floor
They go on choosing and choosing, then choosing some more
It’s me and another as the captains stare down
They look at me and in their eyes I see a frown
“You take Nathan, I’ll take the other guy”
I look down at my shoes and let out a sigh

We play a good game, I help bring the win
When the time comes to party nobody invites me on in

“Come over boy, climb up the ladder!
“Prove yourself to me!”
Though, even when you do everything right it doesn’t even matter.

Stop acting silly and maybe I’ll budge.
“You haven’t lived my life, who are you to judge?”
I don’t have the time for humor and such.
“You won’t let me win because I joke too much?”
“Exactly my boy! Humor is nothing more than a crutch!”

So when I win I still lose
When I’m sad I can’t play the blues
When I’m mad you’re unhappy
When I write to bleed you call it sappy

You act angry at me because I joke a lot
You’re the one who doesn’t listen whether I’m serious or not

You want me to act right, then reap no reward 
Your hypocrisy has gotten me tired and bored

When YOU want to joke it’s always okay
When I want to joke you just push me away!
It’s never a problem when you need to complain
It seems to annoy you when I express my pain

You love to pretend you’ve done nothing to me in the past
You’ve tripped me up hard and put my heart in a cast
You think that you’ve won and the victory is all yours
But I’m telling you though my heart is still sore 
the first shall be the last you’ll be no more

Published by NathanSample

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