Video upload plans for WatchNathan

Advertisements Currently I’ve been going through my old videos archiving as many as possible here on WatchNathan, in order to help with my workflow I’ve come to the conclusion that instead of uploading 1 old video a day and mostly waiting to make new content I’m going to have 1 old and 1 new videoContinue reading “Video upload plans for WatchNathan”

This Game Is BEAUTIFUL! – Spider-Man Miles Morales #1 – Nathan Plays

I’ve wanted to try this game out for a VERY LONG time and so far I’m loving it! It has an excellent intro, beautiful atmosphere, great sound design and thus far the story is incredibly engrossing.

Daily links June 22nd, 2022

Advertisements Everything New in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle I’ve been thinking about trying out Elder Scrolls Online for quite awhile and this makes me want to even more now. If only the download wasn’t over 100GBs on my PS4 hard drive. Activision Blizzard shareholders vote in favor of harassment report, despite board’s objections |Continue reading “Daily links June 22nd, 2022”

Super Mario World #1 – Nathan Plays

Advertisements The first episode of my new series playing through Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. This video has some little recording glitches here and there where the screen will occasionally go black momentarily. It also ends kind of abruptly, but the actual content itself I’m very happy with.