Stream Schedule + Workflow updates

Advertisements I’ve got my workflow for WatchNathan figured out now. My articles are mirrored on Medium and Google Blogger. I will stream my gameplay to Twitch from now on then export the stream afterwards to YouTube which then will auto post it here on WatchNathan for archival purposes, it also shares it to Rumble automatically,Continue reading “Stream Schedule + Workflow updates”

Coming next month to WatchNathan

Advertisements As you all read recently I’ve had some health issues and have been sorting that out. As I’ve been working on my health I’ve made some plans for WatchNathan moving foreward. Next month I will be upgrading WatchNathan and begin re-uploading my full backlog of old videos, streams, and the video versions of theContinue reading “Coming next month to WatchNathan”

Minor site update

Advertisements I’ve created a page for the first season of the Game Juice Podcast. It has EVERY episode available! I still have individual episodes scheduled to go live until around the 15th-17th of this month. The reason why is because as those episodes go up they’re re-populating my feeds connected to Anchor. After those areContinue reading “Minor site update”