DON’T POST, Journal Instead!

Advertisements Social media is often used as a sort of online diary with people writing and over sharing about their lives CONSTANTLY! in the past few months I’ve began keeping a personal journal to help me express my thoughts and have noticed that I lack the desire to post on social media. Many people useContinue reading “DON’T POST, Journal Instead!”

10 Rules for Online Interactions

As somebody who has been a content creator online for many years I’ve fallen into many “traps” whenever it comes to how I communicate with people online. I’ve often found myself in positions where I knew what I should’ve said or done, but I give people the benefit of the doubt too much, or I let my pride stop me from shutting down a debate with somebody who isn’t even listening to a word I’m saying anyways. I’ve been thinking about this subject for a few weeks and have decided to sit down and write down these things so that I can have them and remember them when I need, and also to hopefully help you guys!

WatchNathan is now on Twitter and Facebook!

Advertisements I’ve been very back and forth over the years about supporting different websites. I chose to focus on WatchNathan because I actually have control over what I make here. I’ve had some very frustrating interactions on social media throughout the past several years. I decided that in order to keep in touch with peopleContinue reading “WatchNathan is now on Twitter and Facebook!”

The Game Juice Podcast #5 – What Z Heck!!?

Advertisements Original date of publication: 7/6/20 Original Description (Links may no longer be accurate): Interviewing my pal Z Heck the creator of CGN (Collection Gaming Network) a social networking website designed specifically for gamers! In this episode we discuss Z’s introduction to gaming through his grandfather, his life experiences and we talk about how heContinue reading “The Game Juice Podcast #5 – What Z Heck!!?”

My Rules for New Technology and Websites

Advertisements Recently I started making opinion-based vlogs and working on making more varied pre-recorded content on top of my normal stuff I do on stream, and with stream highlights. One of the first vlog videos I’ve made was me semi-improvisationally discussing my new criteria I’ve chosen for any new technology or websites that I planContinue reading “My Rules for New Technology and Websites”