10 Rules for Online Interactions

As somebody who has been a content creator online for many years I’ve fallen into many “traps” whenever it comes to how I communicate with people online. I’ve often found myself in positions where I knew what I should’ve said or done, but I give people the benefit of the doubt too much, or I let my pride stop me from shutting down a debate with somebody who isn’t even listening to a word I’m saying anyways. I’ve been thinking about this subject for a few weeks and have decided to sit down and write down these things so that I can have them and remember them when I need, and also to hopefully help you guys!

My Rules For new Technology and websites! – VIDEO

Advertisements A video I had originally uploaded last year when I was using Odysee. I figured since I don’t support Odysee or most platforms anymore I’d re-post it. I will acknowledge it is kind of ironic hearing me in this video talking about how I think Twitch and Odysee are good platforms since I’ve sinceContinue reading “My Rules For new Technology and websites! – VIDEO”

WatchNathan community code of conduct

Advertisements I’m a big advocate for free speech. I believe people can and should be able to say whatever they want within the confines of their own home, or platforms. That being said if somebody else comes into YOUR house, place of business, or platform I believe you have every right to tell them whatContinue reading “WatchNathan community code of conduct”