My Plan To “Free” My Mind

Advertisements I’ve been live streaming for years. I’ve also been trying to balance my real life, and my life on social media. To also balance my happiness, and my usage of social media. The problem however is that the more you try to distance yourself from these things the more reasons people give you toContinue reading “My Plan To “Free” My Mind”

The Game Juice Podcast #2 – Chatting with Static!

Advertisements Original date of upload: 2/10/20 Original description (links may not be accurate anymore): Having a fun little interview with my buddy Static! Static is a streamer, a podcaster, and a very funny dude! We talk about how he got into gaming and streaming, how we both met, our time on Vidme, and his affinityContinue reading “The Game Juice Podcast #2 – Chatting with Static!”