Daily Links July 2nd, 2022

Advertisements Instagram tests ditching video posts in favor of Reels | TechCrunch To be honest nobody really watches longer videos on Instagram anyways so it’s not a terrible idea to do this. I actually think Instagram would be far more successful if you could just easily post from your PC without having to use someContinue reading “Daily Links July 2nd, 2022”

Episode #20 of the Game Juice Podcast is out!

Advertisements Episode #20 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode I discuss my plans for 2022 and how I intend to make my content, my process of “old-manning” my life, and many other things! Topics of the dayWhat are my plans for 2022 How would I improve GTA 5 Ways to improve Christmas –Continue reading “Episode #20 of the Game Juice Podcast is out!”