Stop arguing AGAINST people and stop picking “keywords” to argue with


Today on Twitter I witnessed a ridiculous thread where an individual was calling out a YouTuber saying he had a sh#t opinion on something. The arguments that ensued from this were exclusively ignoring pieces of what the YouTuber had said in his video.

The YouTuber was claiming that he thought Dragon Ball Z Abridged helped keep Dragon Ball relevant in the west. The people arguing against this YouTuber heard him say if it hadn’t been for Team Four Star Dragon Ball wouldn’t have been nearly as popular in the west and chose to falsley interpret this statement as “DBZ Abridged is the saviour of Dragon Ball in the west” and the majority of their arguments have hinged on that since.

While I was reading one of the threads on this subject I saw THE BEST explanation I’ve ever seen of how people pick arguments on the internet.

The person basically said we don’t read to understand what the person is saying. We look for KEYWORDS that we can then refute. People often read half of a sentence and then argue with that half.

IT’S SO TRUE! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually had people on the internet get angry at me and argue with pieces of what I said, or argue with HALF of my statement. It’s kind of crazy.

Rather than accepting idiotic methods of conducting yourselves, read what’s actually written in front of you. Don’t read what you THINK someone else said. That’s your fault if you do that.

I’ve also noticed people love to argue against the person saying the statement, and not the statement itself. I’ve had this happen in my personal life before. I aired a grievance about something, people basically ignored the grievance and instead started arguing against me. Every person has flaws, you can argue until you’re blue in the face against a person, a statement or idea actually requires critical thinking. Rather than trying to “epicly own” somebody, or purposely pick pieces of what they’re saying apart, ignore them if you can’t debate them, or actually know what you’re talking about.


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