Nathan Plays updated logo design


As I’m going through the process of streaming for one more month I’m also preparing things for whenever I’m doing all of the shows for the website. I made a prior post a few days ago going over the ideas I have for shows to put up on WatchNathan. I had a logo design for Nathan Plays (my lets plays show) that was very simple and somewhat inspired by the Nintendo logo, however I decided to sit down this morning and make something that I think will fit my style a little bit better.

The new and improved Nathan Plays logo!

I’ve also setup my layouts for playing retro games on Nathan Plays. Whenever I do more modern 16:9 games I’ll probably just overlay my facecam over the game itself, but for more retro stuff I think the layouts make more sense.

I’m also considering making a show thats about technology or video making, but I think the idea might just fit in as vlogmaster videos.

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