My Rules for New Technology and Websites


Recently I started making opinion-based vlogs and working on making more varied pre-recorded content on top of my normal stuff I do on stream, and with stream highlights. One of the first vlog videos I’ve made was me semi-improvisationally discussing my new criteria I’ve chosen for any new technology or websites that I plan on using in the future.

The rules I’ve chosen for myself go as follows:

  • Is it necessary? – Do you actually have a real need for this piece of technology?
  • Does it benefit you in anyway? – Does this new piece of technology actually do anything to improve your life or make your life easier at all?
  • Is it easy to use/Is it worth it? – If something benefits you, but it also is really stressful and annoying to use it’s not always worth the hassle. User friendliness should be a deciding factor on whether or not you choose to use a new piece of tech or not.
  • Is it fun? – Do you derive any form of true enjoyment out of using this piece of technology? Does it make you happy? For non-essential tech products this is an important thing to consider. What’s the point in spending your leisure time doing something if it doesn’t bring you any joy?
  • Will it last? – Is this website or product a passing fad that will go the way of the dodo? This is something I feel like nobody thinks about anymore. Don’t just use a website because your friends use it. Why would you invest your time or money in a product or service that you know is only going to be around for a few years?

For me to use a piece of tech it doesn’t necessarily have to meet ALL of these criteria, but it needs to meet at least a few of them. This is a good guideline to use when making decisions. Too much of what we use in the realm of technology seems to be dictated entirely by peer pressure, and that can’t go on. Be an adult and make rational choices.

View My Original VLOG Video on This topic HERE

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