My Plan To “Free” My Mind


I’ve been live streaming for years. I’ve also been trying to balance my real life, and my life on social media. To also balance my happiness, and my usage of social media. The problem however is that the more you try to distance yourself from these things the more reasons people give you to use said things. I’ve been very wishy-washy with social media for the past several years. Now I’ve developed a plan to free my mind from the stress of social media.

Goal Statement

“Life was so much better when I was a kid!” is a common mentality amongst every generation. I’ve been feeling, and struggling with this myself for many years. I do understand that this thought comes primarily from a nostalgic mindset. I’ve always prided myself on being “reasonable” and “self-aware” and have therefore rejected these thoughts (at least somewhat) however in the last year I’ve realized that you can live your life with a taste of both nostalgia and modern convenience. My intended goal is to live my life as if it’s the late 90’s or early 2000’s, but with a modern twist.

I’ve chosen to purchase to landline phone

I’ve purchased a landline in order to prevent myself from being bothered whenever I’m busy doing something, and to prevent me from looking at my phone in public. I’m keeping my cell phone, but I WILL NOT be paying for my phone service for it anymore. It’s essentially there for travel or emergencies.

I’m rebranding WatchNathan slightly

Nothing on the site itself is changing other than the name, logo, and maybe some slight organizational things. I’m keeping the domain but making the new primary domain. I’m doing this purely because I want this website to not just be seen as a video site, but as a general blog and a place to read my opinions. It frees me to post what I want whether it be video, podcasts, or blog posts. This change will come around in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve changed my browsing habits

Not only is the modern web really difficult to run on older machines, but it also is filled with images, pop-ups, distractions, and constant controversy. I SAY NO MORE! I’ve simplified my browsing habits to sort of “keep me in a sandbox” of things that aren’t ridiculously inflammatory and sinful. I’ve setup a program to block any websites that I feel steal my joy whenever I’m on them. I’ve began using FrogFind (A web browser designed to work on ancient pcs, stripped down and simplified) as my primary method of searching the web with Brave search as my back-up for sites that won’t function very well on FrogFind. I’ve substituted Google News with 68KNews which is the news site companion of FrogFind.

I’m using JellyFin and Radio as my primary sources of entertainment

I miss the days when you actually OWNED your media whether it be through VHS, or DVDs. Those days are slowly dwindling and the most modern way to own your media while still having the modern convenience to it is to setup your own home media server. Jellyfin is a free and open source alternative to Plex and Emby. I intend to purchase a TV antenna and a tuner in order to watch my tv programs and DVR them to store for the future. I’m also ripping any DVDs, VHS, CDs, Cassettes, etc. I can buy at Flea markets, thrift stores, and other such places and storing them on the server. I currently own two cheap $10 transistor radios from a company called Prunus as my way of listening to the radio. I also plan to purchase a C Crane wifi radio in order to ensure that I can get all of my local stations as clearly as possible, and then using the Prunus radios for traveling.

I’m only playing Retro games

(At least mostly) I love video games, however while I was in prayer earlier this year I heard God impress on my spirit to give up violent video games. I’m not judging those who do by the way, but this is a very personal and religious choice I’ve made. I’m keeping my PS4, and even upgrading to a PS5 (lord willing) whenever I’m able, however I’m being more picky with my choices of games I’m going to play on modern systems. I’m sticking to rated-E and rated-T games. I’ve setup one of my PCs with Batocera and will be playing mostly retro games on it because back in the 90s there were more non-Nintendo family-friendly games coming out. I’ve also setup a retro achievements profile for myself to add further enjoyment and challenge to my gaming life.

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“Do you see someone skilled in their work?

They will serve before kings;

they will not serve before officials of low rank.”

Proverbs 22:29, NKJV

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