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I’ve been trying to think of different show formats that I can do here on WatchNathan as a way to make bringing consistent content to the site easier, since having a more standardized format makes things more do-able. I’ve decided to re-name my basic let’s plays to be called “Nathan Plays” they’ll continue to be in the format they’ve been in maybe with a little bit of experimentation but now it has a more brandable name.

I also have a plan for some kind of vlog series. It might not be insanely consistent, but it’ll be called “Vlogmaster” or “the vlogmaster” and I want the logo to be me holding up a my camera on a selfie-stick kind of like He-Man holding up his sword with lightning striking it.

I think it will be done in the format of my vlog from later last year talking about my rules for new technology.

Assuming these plans actually come to fruition we’ll have 3 shows hosted on Watch Nathan including Game Juice!

Here’s the text part of the Vlogmaster logo design.
Here’s the logo I’m somewhat basing it on. You can probably see some of the inspiration.

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