Judge media for yourself


Not too long ago I was talking with a friend in social media DMs. He told me “You know Nathan I used to love Spaceballs, but after hearing INSERT YOUTUBER HERE give his criticisms of it I’m not sure how I feel about it anymore.” I told him “If you like it you like it. If it’s flawed let it be flawed.”

In the modern era of YouTube full of “video essays” of people saying “here’s why GOOD GAME is a BAD GAME” people seem to struggle to understand that a well-stated, and well-cited opinion is still an opinion. Opinions are subject. Opinions AREN’T facts.

I love Egoraptor’s sequilitis series, I still think Ocarina of Time is a good game. His critiques are his own and only his. You can agree or disagree, people technically can say you’re wrong, but they’re full of crap if they do.

While I acknowledge there are accepted measurements for the quality of different media YOU’RE ALLOWED TO ENJOY THINGS. You’re also allowed to say you enjoy them. You’re allowed to say they’re good. BECAUSE IT’S AN OPINION.

Here’s an excellent video essay on why Super Mario Galaxy is a “bad” game. It’s very well presented. I couldn’t disagree with Barry Kramer’s assessment more. Movies, games, music, and books aren’t made to be perfect, they’re often made based on feeling, this is also how art works. Mario Galaxy is a good game, you know why? Because this is one guys opinion.

Everyone has media that they think is good or bad. Judge for yourself, if you think it’s bad you’re right and wrong. Some will agree and some will disagree.

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