I’ve made a new Discord server


When I decided to pursue the website as my focus at the end of last year I didn’t really want to use ANY social media at all. I deleted my Discord server which I know dissapointed some people. Since I did that I’ve felt kind of bad, and I have opened a Facebook and Twitter again, but I still don’t REALLY want to use these too much. After a lot of thought I’ve decided to basically set my discord back up how it was and just let my Mods run it. I will use it for collaborations and voice chatting, but I won’t really do much on it. I’m also going to eventually see if I can find other people to manage my Facebook, Twitter, and MAYBE a YouTube channel, but probably not for YouTube. This way everyone’s happy. I get to not really deal with these platforms aside from popping in once in awhle, and my audience still has their own space.


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