Game Juice Update


I’m currently uploading every episode of the Game Juice Podcast up to the website here. I was kind of scared that I would mess up my RSS feed from Anchor but I’ve now got it setup where when I post an episode here it immediately goes to Anchor which then distributes it to all of the pre-existing platforms. You guys WILL notice some funkyness in the podcast feeds on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify and all of these more main stream platforms because it’s having to kind of re-upload the episodes from the posts it sees here on the WatchNathan. I’m also working on getting the podcast up on Stitcher currently. It’s currently just acting silly but I’ll get it figured out.

I’m going to schedule the old episodes to go up everyday around 10am central standard time until they’re all up so I’m not just bombarding the rss feed with content and annoying everyone.

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