Fear Not


This poem is about the many, many times in my life that I’ve been mistreated because I said something that was true and it bothered people.

I once was bullied and mistreated
I once was blind sighted by arguments that were heated
I once felt the hurt and the sting of rejection
I once suffered the wrath of others objections

I’ve spent a long time in the valley of doubt
I’ve been here so long I’m scared to get out
I’ve spent my whole life inside of this pain
It’s been 25 years and it all feels the same

As I lay in my bed going over these thoughts
I hear a voice in the silence and it tells me “fear not!”
“You see…” says the voice “they’re angry at you because the words that you’ve said all seem to be true.”

“They want you to lie and they want you to cheat
They want to lay their excuses down at your feet.”

“They can be mad at the truth but the truth doesn’t change.
They can treat you with anger and say that you’re strange.
But you can lay aside all of that doubt because what they don’t know is that the truth always comes out!”

Published by NathanSample

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