Episode #20 of the Game Juice Podcast is out!


Episode #20 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode I discuss my plans for 2022 and how I intend to make my content, my process of “old-manning” my life, and many other things!

Topics of the dayWhat are my plans for 2022 How would I improve GTA 5 Ways to improve Christmas – Comedic segment

Creator of the week:


“Disabled Twitch streamer HanDcapableSean shows off his gaming skills by beating brutally hard games with a chin-controlled setup.”


Original Article – https://gamerant.com/handcapablesean-no-death-runs-ultra-difficult-games-chin/

His Twitter – https://twitter.com/HanDcapableSean

His Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/handcapablesean

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