DON’T POST, Journal Instead!


Social media is often used as a sort of online diary with people writing and over sharing about their lives CONSTANTLY! in the past few months I’ve began keeping a personal journal to help me express my thoughts and have noticed that I lack the desire to post on social media. Many people use these sites purely as a place to vent and keep track of their lives I’ve found for me personally that it’s actually healthier to keep a journal. Obviously I have my website as a sort of “online diary” but this helps me post less nonsense and more things that I find important, helpful, and fun to write about instead of things like “here’s why things are stressful right now” or “here’s whats going on in my life all the time!”

I also found a very helpful resource while I was looking through the books at Walmart. It’s a little book called “Burn After Writing” that basically is a book that asks you random questions about yourself that you can fill out. I plan on filling out a page of it everytime I want to post something pointless on social media.

Burn After Writing

There’s nothing wrong with using social media to keep in contact with friends and family, but if you’re one of those people who uses it to show off, vent, or just post mainly about yourself (I’m admittedly one of those people) this idea is probably going to be very helpful.

Also in a world full of crazy people looking to cancel anybody who breathes wrong sharing a little bit less publicly wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Just my two cents.

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