Daily Links July 2nd, 2022

Daily Links July 2nd, 2022

Instagram tests ditching video posts in favor of Reels | TechCrunch

To be honest nobody really watches longer videos on Instagram anyways so it’s not a terrible idea to do this. I actually think Instagram would be far more successful if you could just easily post from your PC without having to use some kind of hacky work-around.

Xbox Cloud Gaming launches on Samsung smart TVs

Amazon Prime Gaming gearing up for Prime Day by giving away a ton of free PC games

Twitch reveals new feature built for popular Just Chatting streams

This is actually an incredibly cool idea. Currently there’s two or three other ways to EASILY do this using other services like VDO.Ninja, Streamyard, Restream, etc. But if they can make this easier and a more common thing then more power to them.

Twitch’s Channel Switcher experiment mixes cable TV browsing with streams – The Verge

“Right now on Twitch, if you don’t already know what you want to watch, it can be difficult to find something new that you might actually want to tune into.”

Twitch is definitely trying to address the issues it has with discoverability and I’m very glad they are. I’ve seen a ton of people suggest they start using algorithms like YouTube, however in my opinion I prefer a non-algorithmic approach. YouTube’s algorithm is basically what made the entire site incredibly hard to get into for new creators. It promotes things people WANT TO WATCH or things people ARE ALREADY WATCHING which pretty much means big people who already get views get bigger, and if you’re smaller you’ll have to randomly blow up basically.
If Twitch just makes NATURAL DISCOVERABILITY a priority, and continue to develop features that make being discovered naturally easier then I think they’ll be just fine.

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  1. Ken Van Conover – As a small two year old boy, my father sat me down one day in front of a PlayStation 1 to keep me occupied while he carried out some chores. It is here where I was first exposed to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, as well as Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Little did my father know that his action that day would lead me to a life-long love of videos games. Here, I plan on writing detailed reviews for any and all games, ranging from the NES and Sega Master System, to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. I hope you will join us, and have much enjoyment along the way! Be sure to hit me up on Xbox Live! My username is DarkDemon352
    Ken Van Conover says:

    I really hate the idea of streaming games. At that point, you don’t even own a digital copy of the game, you’re just paying money to RENT it. In no way, shape, or form do I want the big companies to have the ability to randomly take a game from me.

    1. To be honest renting is exactly how I view it. I have PS Plus because it lets me thin out the fat from my collection without actually missing out on anything.

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