Daily Links – July 16th, 2022


Banjo-Kazooie’s decompilation project is now 80% complete, which could lead to a PC port | VGC

This is very exciting news to me. Banjo-Kazooie has always been one of my favorite games from childhood and the potential mods and upgrades to a pc port are so awesome to think about! 

Towards the bottom of the article they also have a list of other decompilation projects currently in the works including; Paper Mario, Pokemon Snap, Turok 3, Yoshi’s Story and several others! 

Since N64 emulation is STILL really rough in the year 2022 I hope they make as many PC ports of N64 games as they can! They’re doing God’s work!

Sony completes $3.6 billion deal to buy Bungie | Engadget

I liked Halo, but other than that Bungie being owned by Sony doesn’t really excite me at all. I tried out Destiny once and I DID enjoy it, but it also took up a ton of space on my hard drive. Maybe I need to give it another shot at some point.

“Sony is hoping Bungie’s expertise with games like Destiny will help it expand its own live service game offerings. The company plans to spend 55 percent of PlayStation’s budget on live service games by 2025”

I’m not thrilled at the idea of Sony spending over half of their budget on online games. I think Sony’s biggest strength has been their story-driven single-player games that they consistently pump out. 

CD Projekt stock is worth a quarter of what it was before Cyberpunk 2077 released | PC Gamer

I remember saying this on an old episode of Game Juice but WHAT DID PEOPLE EXPECT?? The game was rushed to release and while everybody boasts about how “good” of a developer CD Projekt Red was prior to this THEY’VE ONLY DEVELOPED ONE SERIES BEFORE THIS!

They’re really good at making ONE GAME in different variations, however they have nothing else notable under their belt. They worked on Polish localizations of Baldur’s Gate and some other random PC games, but they didn’t develop those. Why would everyone assume that they’d NAIL a Cyberpunk game their first try?

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