Changes planned for the website fairly soon

  • Updating my social media page and linking Mastodon and Pixelfed (still deciding whether or not to continue to use them)
  • I will possibly setup my mailing list to have the rewards my buymeacoffee or patreon would have instead. Since that would be free and make what I’m doing MORE censor resistant.
  • I’ll probably also end up providing members of my mailing list some kind of zip file with easy downloads for all of my videos each month so they can have them offline whenever they want. I’ll also do the same with the podcast as well.

NOTE: MY MAILING LIST IS NOT THE SAME AS HITTING THE FOLLOW BUTTON THE SITE. The follow button sends you new articles from the site. My mailing list will send you EVERYTHING I do on and off of the website.

To join please visit the page below!

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