Medievil Remake #1

Playing the Medievil remake for the first time ever! I'm excited to finally get to try this game out! So far my first impressions are very good, the graphics are beautiful, the music and controls are also good but the game has HORRIBLE FRAMERATE DIPS sometimes! It get's REALLY bad sometimes. At first I thought it might've just been caused by the fact that when I first started the game I was also updating Fortnite at the same time but according to some stuff I've read in forums the game just chugs sometimes. I played all the way from Dan's Crypt until I got to the Enchanted Forest where I died to the boss and decided it was time to end the stream. — Watch live at

Medievil Remake #2

Episode #2 of my little series continuing my playthrough of the Medievil remake on the Playstation 4. In this episode I got through Asylum Stages, finished Enchanted Earth and made it all the way through to the Haunted Ruins. In the previous episode I was having issues with the framerate and decided to turn on the "30 FPS LOCK" setting in the options menu and it **SEEMED** to fix a lot of the more extreme examples of stuttering, lag, and over choppiness that I had experienced before. — Watch live at