Guardians of the Galaxy #2 – Nathan Plays Live!

Advertisements Continuing some Guardians of the Galaxy. In this episode we capture an adorable space llama, get taken prisoner, and make our way to Lady Hellbenders planet to try and pass off Rocket as a “beast” to sell her.

Spider-Man PS4 First playthrough #1

Episode #1 of my series playing through Marvel's Spider-Man on the Sony Playstation 4. I knew I would end up enjoying this game but I was actually afraid that it'd be a similar situation as Batman Arkham Knight where the combat ends up feeling very off. I'm very glad that it didn't end up being like that. I chose the 2nd easiest difficulty and turned off puzzles because I like to have fun with video games not get frustrated. In this episode I started by getting Kingpin arrested and ended by fighting Shocker for the 2nd time! — Watch live at