Tips for editing in Kdenlive – Archiving projects

Today while I was editing a project I came accross a very useful feature that I wasn’t even aware existed in Kdenlive! You can actually just archive your projects using Kdenlive itself! It’s actually a huge relief to me because I have been painstakingly keeping track of all of my project files and moving them to a specific place once I’m done with all of my edits! Now I can keep them all together without having to manually do it.

What REALLY Ruined YouTube?

Advertisements As a frequent user of different video and live streaming sites over the past few years I’ve seen a lot of different opinions on what specifically ruined YouTube for people. YouTube used to be an awesome place to be creative and build an audience. Now it’s all corporate media, or just individuals HEAVILY pandering.Continue reading “What REALLY Ruined YouTube?”

My Rules for New Technology and Websites

Advertisements Recently I started making opinion-based vlogs and working on making more varied pre-recorded content on top of my normal stuff I do on stream, and with stream highlights. One of the first vlog videos I’ve made was me semi-improvisationally discussing my new criteria I’ve chosen for any new technology or websites that I planContinue reading “My Rules for New Technology and Websites”

VideoProc Vlogger: My New Editor of Choice!

Advertisements Since I was a kid I’ve always loved editing videos. There’s something very satisfying about taking some clips and dropping them onto a timeline and crafting them into something much more than what they are. A list of the editing software I’ve used since childhood: Windows Movie Maker– This is how it all beganContinue reading “VideoProc Vlogger: My New Editor of Choice!”