Video upload plans for WatchNathan

Advertisements Currently I’ve been going through my old videos archiving as many as possible here on WatchNathan, in order to help with my workflow I’ve come to the conclusion that instead of uploading 1 old video a day and mostly waiting to make new content I’m going to have 1 old and 1 new videoContinue reading “Video upload plans for WatchNathan”

Coming next month to WatchNathan

Advertisements As you all read recently I’ve had some health issues and have been sorting that out. As I’ve been working on my health I’ve made some plans for WatchNathan moving foreward. Next month I will be upgrading WatchNathan and begin re-uploading my full backlog of old videos, streams, and the video versions of theContinue reading “Coming next month to WatchNathan”

Update + subscriptions?

Advertisements Sorry for not being as active lately everybody. I recently had some health issues and am currently trying to sort those out. I DO have big plans coming up for the future of WatchNathan regardless though. Instead of subscribing to me on Twitch why not subscribe here on WatchNathan? I’ve setup a “subscription” featureContinue reading “Update + subscriptions?”

My main YouTube channel is now setup

Advertisements On top of yesterday’s announcement of me making a new Discord server I’ve also now got a main YouTube channel for whatever video stuff I post here on WatchNathan. This channel is NOT my focus. I really don’t support the business model of a lot of these platforms, however I now have other peopleContinue reading “My main YouTube channel is now setup”

Nathan Plays updated logo design

Advertisements As I’m going through the process of streaming for one more month I’m also preparing things for whenever I’m doing all of the shows for the website. I made a prior post a few days ago going over the ideas I have for shows to put up on WatchNathan. I had a logo designContinue reading “Nathan Plays updated logo design”

What is YOUR opinion on the current G4 controversies?

Advertisements On episode #21 of the Game Juice podcast I covered some recent controversies that are centered around G4tv. I’m planning on doing a segment for the next episode where I basically try and assess my opinions on G4 as a whole in it’s current iteration, do I think it’ll last, or come crumbling down?Continue reading “What is YOUR opinion on the current G4 controversies?”