The King Of Brown Juice

Advertisements I wrote a cool poem about dookie because I was bored. I am the king of brown juiceWatch me pull a rabbit from my magic caboose I am the king of the dookie slingTo Swing DOOKIES is my favorite thing! I am the lord of the poopsI love to drop my sauce in yourContinue reading “The King Of Brown Juice”

A Swing and a Miss

Advertisements This poem goes out to the people who refuse to let me live a calm life. People who are bothered by me being in peace. I’m happy and you can’t change that no matter what you do. Whatever you do God will turn it around for my good. While we don’t war against fleshContinue reading “A Swing and a Miss”

Never Stare, Never Stop

Advertisements As the endless beeping of my alarm fills my dark bedroom, I grapple with the realization that I’m going to have to stand up to another day of life. Another day of facing back-handed remarks and disappointment from my parents. Another day of countless insults, being the wippingboy of my school bus and classes.Continue reading “Never Stare, Never Stop”

Believe in Me Poem by Nathan Sample

I think people have been cynical of me my whole life because I’m an original. When I don’t like a website I decide to not support it rather than following the crowd. I’ve always found it funny how doubtful people are to anyone trying a new thing and being their own person. Most of the media I consumed growing up had a message of being yourself, but I guess that idea is lost on a generation that lets the blind lead the blind.

You Don’t Scare Me!

Advertisements This poem is based on a real interaction I had this Wednesday while I was on a walk in my own neighborhood. I turned the corner from where I live and there was a man standing next to his van yelling out at me. I took my headphones off and he pointed to theContinue reading “You Don’t Scare Me!”

Fear Not

Advertisements This poem is about the many, many times in my life that I’ve been mistreated because I said something that was true and it bothered people. I once was bullied and mistreatedI once was blind sighted by arguments that were heatedI once felt the hurt and the sting of rejectionI once suffered the wrathContinue reading “Fear Not”

Truth Hurts

Advertisements “Hey Nathan” they said “why don’t you keep those thoughts inside your own head?” Well, they keep me awake when I’m trying to sleep and make me spend hours in bed counting black sheep “Well… Nathan, truth hurts if you don’t mind me saying. So why don’t you shut up and stop playing! TruthContinue reading “Truth Hurts”