Where Did “Haze” Go?

Advertisements In today’s inaugural post, we’ll be taking a look at “Haze”, an Ubisoft exclusive first-person shooter for the Playstation 3 that was praised by many before its public release as one of many “Halo killers” to come out during the seventh generation of gaming.  All the way back during the sixth generation of gaming,Continue reading “Where Did “Haze” Go?”

Ken’s Film Reviews: The Amityville Horror (2005)

Advertisements “Your typical haunted house & possession film, that does just enough to pass class” The Story (From Wikipedia.com) At 3:15 AM on November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his entire family at their house at 412 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York. He claimed that he was persuaded to kill them by voicesContinue reading “Ken’s Film Reviews: The Amityville Horror (2005)”

Coming next month to WatchNathan

Advertisements As you all read recently I’ve had some health issues and have been sorting that out. As I’ve been working on my health I’ve made some plans for WatchNathan moving foreward. Next month I will be upgrading WatchNathan and begin re-uploading my full backlog of old videos, streams, and the video versions of theContinue reading “Coming next month to WatchNathan”

Update + subscriptions?

Advertisements Sorry for not being as active lately everybody. I recently had some health issues and am currently trying to sort those out. I DO have big plans coming up for the future of WatchNathan regardless though. Instead of subscribing to me on Twitch why not subscribe here on WatchNathan? I’ve setup a “subscription” featureContinue reading “Update + subscriptions?”

Ken’s Film Reviews: The Rental (2020)

Advertisements “A house-in-the-woods, slasher, & thriller all in one, that does nothing new while falling apart at the end”  The Story (From IMDB.com) Charlie (Dan Stevens), his wife Michelle (Alison Brie), Charlie’s brother Josh (Jeremy Allen White), and Josh’s girlfriend Mina (Sheila Vand) decide to rent an ocean view house for a weekend getaway. AfterContinue reading “Ken’s Film Reviews: The Rental (2020)”

Ken’s Film Reviews: Paranormal Activity (2007)

Advertisements “A cultural phenomenon at time of release, that has not aged well” The Story (from IMDB.com) Micah, a day-trader, and Katie, a student who claims that a ghostly entity has haunted her since her youth, are a young couple “engaged to be engaged”. When Katie suggests the ghost has followed her to their two-storyContinue reading “Ken’s Film Reviews: Paranormal Activity (2007)”

Ken’s Film Reviews: Saw (2004)

Advertisements “The grandfather of the torture porn sub-genra, which doesn’t feature much torture porn” The Story (Summary from IMDB.com) The film begins with photographer Adam Faulkner (Leigh Whannell) waking up in a bathtub filled with water. In his instinctive flailing, his foot catches and removes its plug; as the water drains a glowing blue objectContinue reading “Ken’s Film Reviews: Saw (2004)”

10 Rules for Online Interactions

As somebody who has been a content creator online for many years I’ve fallen into many “traps” whenever it comes to how I communicate with people online. I’ve often found myself in positions where I knew what I should’ve said or done, but I give people the benefit of the doubt too much, or I let my pride stop me from shutting down a debate with somebody who isn’t even listening to a word I’m saying anyways. I’ve been thinking about this subject for a few weeks and have decided to sit down and write down these things so that I can have them and remember them when I need, and also to hopefully help you guys!