Believe in Me Poem by Nathan Sample


I wrote this poem because as I’ve started Watch Nathan I’ve had a handful of people tell me why it won’t work. It isn’t even necessarily people being mean, it’s people trying to tell me that it’ll be “harder” or people expressing disappointment, or questioning the technical limitations of me running my own website. I understand their point of view but I’ve felt like people have been very cynical of every decision I’ve made my whole life. I’m tired of hearing why things won’t work. What benefit is there to being combative or being a naysayer? How does that actually help me?

Believe in me

A light shines through
The cold blue hazy hue lye on the grass
The morning is new, but when will it pass?
"Don't you know it will NEVER last?"
"Nobody else is doing it therefore my doubt is cast."
Why don't you see?
You should believe in me!
I've done this for years!
Up here facing my fears!
Yet, you sit here and tell me it won't pan out?
What is this all about?
If you think I can do it in someone else's place
then why can't you see the excited look on my face?
Rather than saying all of the ways I can't do it
why don't you help me, and carry me through it?
"Discovery is harder, why switch?"
Discovery here is no harder than Twitch.
"I'm disappointed by your new decision."
You act like bookmarking a page is some kind of expedition.
There's nothing unreasonable about doing your own thing.
Following the crowd is just boring and lame.
I don't want to sit here and listen to people pout.
You can either help me, or choose to get out.

I know that this poem ends in a very aggressive note, but I want people to understand that the reason why I moved to mainly posting on my own website instead of using YouTube, Discord, Twitter, or any other platform right now is because I’ve never been happy with the way that existing platforms treat creators and their biases I notice throughout the way that they behave. I’ve hopped platforms several times and while some people have always been very supportive others have basically acted like opening a website that isn’t the same 5 ones is somehow painful or difficult to them. I grew up watching and consuming content on multiple websites. Respectfully people need to get over the “I won’t watch you unless you’re on Twitch” or “I won’t watch you unless you’re on YouTube” I think it’s harmful to ALL content creators when audiences get too stubborn about which websites or platforms they want to use.

I think people have been cynical of me my whole life because I’m an original. When I don’t like a website I decide to not support it rather than following the crowd. I’ve always found it funny how doubtful people are to anyone trying a new thing and being their own person. Most of the media I consumed growing up had a message of being yourself, but I guess that idea is lost on a generation that lets the blind lead the blind.

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