About Me


I realized not too long ago that I never properly set up an “about me” post on Watch Nathan so I figured this would be a good thing to add.

My name is Nathan Sample I’m a funny guy who loves video games! My favorite genre has always been platformers and sandbox style shooters like GTA.

Since I was a kid I’ve never really fit in very well, I’ve always sat in a room of people and been the one guy that everyone gets angry at because I’m eccentric and I think for myself.

I’ve always been creative, since I was a young boy I’ve always enjoyed doing things like writing, fiddling around in photoshop, editing videos, painting, etc.

I was the lead editor of my schools newspaper program senior year and really love making interesting things and discussing my opinions regardless of if it offends people or not.

I’ve streamed on different websites for the past 4-5 years, have a podcast called “The Game Juice Podcast

When I was sixteen I chose to give my life to God and it’s been an interesting journey since.

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Geek, Gamer, Christian, Funny man, all around good boy.